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Justa Minx is a household name as far as the Irish gaming world is concerned. Justa, whose real name is Rebecca but simply known as Minx was born on November 3, 1996 and is 26 years of age. The twitch-streamer relocated to America and is currently living in LA, after visiting several times from her home country.


She was brought up and raised in Dublin Ireland, known to be Irish by nationality and is said also to belong to the Christian religion. Her early schooling was at Local High School in Dublin Ireland; she further enrolled herself at a private university in Dublin where she completed her graduation.

Justa Minx’s father work as a prison officer while her mother worked as a nurse for 20 years and she also has a younger sister called Eva.


Her love life is unknown but sources shared that she has a boyfriend called Jschlatt who is a Youtuber and Ex-Streamer; although Justa Minx through her chats and live videos have revealed that she is Pansexual but it is yet to be confirmed.


Justa Minx is a Youtuber, an actress, comedian, boxer and also a notable social media figure and Twitch streamer; who usually makes several appearances on the Twitch dating show called ‘Love and Hate’, a program which is hosted by the Austin Show.  and it is also been know that she has grown her fan base to over 1.6 million followers on her social media handles


It is been known that Justa Minx’s net worth is $1million, and is said to have been accumulated through streaming videos on Twitch and have rose to fame through the videos posted on her Twitch channel named Justa Minx.


Traveling is undoubtedly one the many things the young gamers loves to do. She is also known to be a foodie, who loves to try out new cuisines as she gets the opportunity.

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